Appreciating the things we love to do!

Does anyone get that feeling during the day that you are doing everything you “have” to do and barely have time for the things you “want” to do? I have this feeling often while finishing up my college courses. Tomorrow there’s a Grammar exam, then a paper, then another paper, and the list goes on and on. All I want to do is sit down and write! But what if we did only what we want to do in life? Would we become lazy? Would we not know how to prioritize? Or would we in fact enjoy life more?

I think doing things that we don’t want to do makes us appreciate the things we love to do a whole lot more. Life is not always going to give us what we want, and there will always be something we don’t want to do, like a Grammar exam tomorrow. But doing what you want to do makes you a happier person to do the things you don’t want to do! So make time for things that are important to you, whether it’s writing, dancing, or singing and make sure to smile! For me, it’s writing, and I can’t wait for this Grammar exam to be over with so I can write all weekend long!

Published by Heather Blynn

Lover of Nature & Beauty. Positive Psychology. Strong believer in healthy living including plant-based, plastic-free, organic, and no animal-testing. If I can help even one person see the benefits of using safe-household products, or a new habit, then I've succeeded.

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