That Tim McGraw Song

As I listen to Tim McGraw’s song, “She never let’s it go to her heart,” I am taken back to the days when I was a little girl helping my mom with laundry and dishes. My sister and I would jam out with her, and know every word to the country songs Mom would play. This song, in particular, hits my heart. As I hear it, I can see my mom’s eyes light up as she sings quietly, but with all the emotion she has. I think sometimes, we would sing and dance more than clean. But that will be our little secret.

Back then, being a little girl, my mom did so much for me. She was, and still is, my cheerleader, my swift “kick in the ass” and my self-esteem booster. I may not say it enough, like so many of us, but I love my mom. I love her for all that she’s done. Most of all, I’m glad that I am her daughter, and I see a lot of me in her. Blond curly hair, down to earth, country, loving flowers and pets, and singing Tim McGraw songs out loud while cooking and cleaning.

I also remember those nights I’d take my math homework to her and ask her for help. Sure, I’d ask around 8 or 9 and she’d give me a talkin’ to, but she’d always help me. She was always on my side, too. I think the most amazing thing is a mother-daughter relationship. Whenever I was punished for something, she’d say, “I love you, that’s why I’m punishing you,” or my favorite, “You’ll thank me later.” Well, Mom, thank you for teaching me all the things I know. Thank you for helping me with everything you’ve done. Thank you for helping me make that cheesecake for my class, and for my dinosaur project in the 5th grade. Thanks for always being at my school events, and for letting me get whatever I wanted on days I had school trips and had to pack a lunch. Thank you for always asking how I wanted my birthday cakes, and for cheering me on when I had speeches and was nervous inside. Thank you for the memories at the cottage, and for sewing the Green Bay Packer beanie baby baggy. Thanks for getting me a new beanie baby after a dentist appointment or after getting a shot. Thanks for all the smiles, Mom. Thank you for ripping the band-aids off fast so they didn’t hurt as much. Thank you for my memories of my first pet. Thank you for all of the birthday parties you planned for me, they were fun back then, and I will always keep those memories.

That Tim McGraw song really does bring back memories. Memories I love and cherish. Memories of my mom, a wonderful woman. Thank you, Mom, for always making Rachel and I hug after we’d fight. It always made us laugh afterwards. Thank you for all of the amazingly fun “Survivor and Pizza Nights.” You may not believe it, but you are a girly-girl, Mom. When we went fishing all those years, Dad was always the one putting that worm on the hook and you know it! So, you can’t blame me, because I get it from you. Thank you Mom, for all the support over the years and even now that I’m graduating from college. Thank you for always helping me make my dreams come true. You are that little birdie I whisper to and you always listen. Thank you for being a wonderful mother, I love you!

To my mom-a wonderful Tim McGraw singer, fisher, helper, listener, and best friend! xoxo

Published by Heather Blynn

Lover of Nature & Beauty. Positive Psychology. Strong believer in healthy living including plant-based, plastic-free, organic, and no animal-testing. If I can help even one person see the benefits of using safe-household products, or a new habit, then I've succeeded.

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