Autumn Blessings Fall Generously

Autumn blessings fall generously and

The summer bloom dulls.

Magical Orange, red, and yellow

Emerge from the green like


midnight pumpkin.

October is here.

Humble I am as the leaves change color,

And with the wind,

Drop to the ground.

Every coffee shop drifts cinnamon aroma,

Dripped in pumpkin-spiced flavour.

Plaid scarves wrap around

The ones we love

Bringing us another kiss closer.

Autumn blessings fall like leaves

Oh so generously.

Published by Heather Blynn

Lover of Nature & Beauty. Positive Psychology. Strong believer in healthy living including plant-based, plastic-free, organic, and no animal-testing. If I can help even one person see the benefits of using safe-household products, or a new habit, then I've succeeded.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Blessings Fall Generously

  1. Yes it does =) Autumn makes me feel so grateful. Thank you for commenting! Have a beautiful fall season.


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