Endless Love and The Two Egg Whites!

“We need two egg whites”

One year, my boyfriend and I made marbled chocolate truffles for our first Valentines Day. It was exactly a month of dating. We’d melt the dark, white, and semi-sweet chocolate carefully and in a timely manner (of course, this was all my idea). To this day, I can never stop myself from sticking my finger in the bowl and getting a sweet taste from each one. The process takes hours, and is well worth the wait. The smooth chocolate just melts on your taste buds and gives you that happy feeling. My boyfriend was trying his hardest to impress me that day, as I could tell from how amazing he smelled and the effort he put into doing his black, curly hair. He’d given me a beautiful deep, red rose that was just in its peak. It was so charming and the scent a freshly spring blossom.

We  made a great team, quickly working with the melted chocolate in a timely manner. I soon became so absorbed in the chocolate and when asked, “What’s the next ingredient,” I simply replied, “We need two egg whites.” I didn’t read carefully, though, because it called for egg yolks, not egg whites. I continued stirring the melted chocolate slowly, and watched as it easily dripped off the spoon. Staring at this chocolate is like a kid at a candy store seeing the huge melted chocolate fountain make fudge or some other sweet. It is a real treat.

When I heard something sizzle behind me, I slowly set down the spoon and looked over at my boyfriend. He was standing tall over the stove frying up only the whites of two eggs and had thrown out the egg yolks. I tried to hold back my laugh when I asked, “What are you doing?” He stared back at me and replied, “You said two egg whites, right?” The look on his face was priceless. I’ve never heard of someone frying up egg whites to put in a chocolate recipe before, ever. It was the sweetest thing ever to explain to him. We had made two egg white mistakes! But it was well worth the laugh! From that day forward, our relationship has grown into an Endless Love. This Valentines Day, he took me to see Endless Love and surprised me with making the marbled chocolate truffles (with the correct egg yolk!) that we had only made almost five years ago on our first Valentines Day. Endless Love.

Appreciating the things we love to do!

Does anyone get that feeling during the day that you are doing everything you “have” to do and barely have time for the things you “want” to do? I have this feeling often while finishing up my college courses. Tomorrow there’s a Grammar exam, then a paper, then another paper, and the list goes on and on. All I want to do is sit down and write! But what if we did only what we want to do in life? Would we become lazy? Would we not know how to prioritize? Or would we in fact enjoy life more?

I think doing things that we don’t want to do makes us appreciate the things we love to do a whole lot more. Life is not always going to give us what we want, and there will always be something we don’t want to do, like a Grammar exam tomorrow. But doing what you want to do makes you a happier person to do the things you don’t want to do! So make time for things that are important to you, whether it’s writing, dancing, or singing and make sure to smile! For me, it’s writing, and I can’t wait for this Grammar exam to be over with so I can write all weekend long!

Welcome to my blog!

0e25f59e-5bad-48a9-a9aa-5c7190e7413f_zpsf6eec3abHave you ever wondered if life has a plan for you? Or some other higher power knows exactly how your life is going to be lived? Well, I believe in taking your own road. The road that your heart tells you to take. Do you ever get that feeling like everything you do leads you to something or everything happens for a reason? That’s because everything does happen for a reason.We grow and learn new things about this beautiful world every day. Our growth leads us to some sort of a road we either should take or want to take. I am choosing the road I want to take.

I am new to blogging, but not new to writing my heart out. I have a passion for writing about the little things in life and inspiring people to live on. I am also a college student, living the life of a normal twenty two year old, if normal can ever be defined. I love life and living every day to see what new experience or growth comes my way. I am in my fourth year in college and about to graduate with my Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and only recently am I choosing to take the road I want to take. Psychology is a great field and I will never regret learning this major. However, I have learned through my own experience that writing is my passion, my calling, or the road I want to take. I’ve been writing my whole life. As a young girl, like many, I would write in my journal every night. And every year, I would get a new journal which was also so exciting!

Over my college years, many people have told me to write a book, that I would be good at it. It seems I’ve written a million short books, but nothing would ever come together, until recently. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I have come to the near end of my first romance novel, The Fourth Charm, which will be published sometime around the summer of 2014!  The excitement of writing your first novel is not when you finish it, but rather the journey you take in writing it. I spent so many nights, restlessly awake still writing in my head. It is an amazing thrill to write without a care in the world. The hardest part is yet to come, allowing the world to read your words.

These are my words, and this is my way of following my heart on the road that I want. For so many years I’ve written privately in my journal, so it will be nice to write out loud to readers, in this NEW blog. Along with writing, I love to read. My favorite book is Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. I am a girl about the small things in life, that loves to smile. I am amazed when I see a hummingbird drinking nectar and a kitten snuggling into a soft blanket. I am a hopeless romantic and a girl in love. This is me! And welcome to my blog!

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