Easy Easter Basket for a Little One

This Easter, I’ve been blessed with a little Nephew and Godchild, so of course I wanted to gift him an Easter basket. But not just an Easter basket that many throw away after the holiday. Instead, I wanted to find him something useful and fill it with practical gifts. To start, I didn’t buy a traditionalContinue reading “Easy Easter Basket for a Little One”

Easter Morning: A Poem

Soft giggles fill the air as footsteps light on the toes spring up before Mom’s Morning Joe. Swiftly do they sprint, like the Easter bunny himself, racing to reach the stuffed pastels. Curls still smell of soft pillow and cotton as they bounce with their bodies past the tulips blooming. And before a puddle, a small, yellow and hatched from an egg,Continue reading “Easter Morning: A Poem”