Love, life, and happiness…

You can define it. You can even describe it. But, how do you actually feel love, life, and happiness? And how do you know you are in love and living life with happiness? To answer that, it all comes from the heart. A part of us that we can see deep within the iris, likeContinue reading “Love, life, and happiness…”

A spring holiday to celebrate: Planting Day at Grandma’s

Every year, my grandma Shirley has a Planting Day where the whole family gets together and we “fix up” Grandma’s garden. It barely needs fixing as it’s the most beautiful place to visit. She has the most fragrant of roses and you’ll always see Grandma with a beautiful sun hat on whenever she’s outside. HerContinue reading “A spring holiday to celebrate: Planting Day at Grandma’s”