The Worst Day To Try Chi Tea…

It was the day of my mom’s surgery. I sipped on a vanilla chi tea latte a friend told me the night before I must try. It’s not bad, but has a zing aftertaste all over my taste buds. A taste I can only describe now as the taste of that day. I will probablyContinue reading “The Worst Day To Try Chi Tea…”

Cozy Sweater Smile

Finding that perfect sweater for the holidays can sometimes be harder than biting into a peppermint candy cane. It’s sticky, but once you find that perfect sweater giddiness spreads joy in the eyes like that of candy in a child’s hand. And who says you can’t get one in all your favorite colors. That’s whatContinue reading “Cozy Sweater Smile”

Autumn Blessings

As I was out grocery shopping early last week, I decided to take a detour down the seasonal isle filled with Halloween candy and cornucopia decor. I stumbled upon a cute owl knickknack with sunflower eyes and a pumpkin stem on top. My heart felt warm, and I smiled at this cute owl made forContinue reading “Autumn Blessings”

Love, life, and happiness…

You can define it. You can even describe it. But, how do you actually feel love, life, and happiness? And how do you know you are in love and living life with happiness? To answer that, it all comes from the heart. A part of us that we can see deep within the iris, likeContinue reading “Love, life, and happiness…”