My Secret SOPHi Nail Polish

Have you ever wanted to paint your nails but you were stuck inside and didn’t want to make the whole house smell like a harsh chemical? I think we’ve all been there. I used to avoid painting my nails because of this. However, since I’ve discovered SOPHi nail polish from the amazing Kris Carr website,Continue reading “My Secret SOPHi Nail Polish”

Healthy, Stress-free Spring Cleaning

  Let’s get serious. Not everyone enjoys cleaning. I’ll be the first to admit I love spring cleaning, but it doesn’t magically happen all in one day. To be honest, I’ve been working on my spring cleaning for a couple weeks now. One thing I’m consistently told by family and friends is how much ofContinue reading “Healthy, Stress-free Spring Cleaning”

My Simple Four-Ingredient Smoothie!

When I was attending the University College, my mom would make two smoothies every day. One for her and one for me. I’d always catch her for a few minutes before she left for work. I loved the way I felt drinking the smoothie, even more how I felt hours afterwords, awake, alert, and satisfied.Continue reading “My Simple Four-Ingredient Smoothie!”