For the love of Cats

Today I woke early. Small, hungry meows bellowed from my almost two-year old tortoiseshell cat. Her mouth filled with saliva, anticipating the high quality canned cat food that I buy her. She licked her lips then my arm in hopes I’d wake that instant to feed her. She purred loudly, but waited patiently. Me wakingContinue reading “For the love of Cats”

An act of kindness: “You get more flies with honey”

My mother always told me, “You get more flies with honey.” I never understood it when I was young, because she would always say it when I was “misbehaving.” But soon, I understood what she meant and did one act of kindness in particular that was the best thing I’d ever done in my life.Continue reading “An act of kindness: “You get more flies with honey””