The Worst Day To Try Chi Tea…

It was the day of my mom’s surgery. I sipped on a vanilla chi tea latte a friend told me the night before I must try. It’s not bad, but has a zing aftertaste all over my taste buds. A taste I can only describe now as the taste of that day. I will probablyContinue reading “The Worst Day To Try Chi Tea…”

That Tim McGraw Song

As I listen to Tim McGraw’s song, “She never let’s it go to her heart,” I am taken back to the days when I was a little girl helping my mom with laundry and dishes. My sister and I would jam out with her, and know every word to the country songs Mom would play.Continue reading “That Tim McGraw Song”

Women: Be your own kind of beautiful

Nowadays, the pressures young women feel to be “someone” and figure out who they are can be overwhelming. Women feel pressures to be a perfect soccer mom, or a perfect wife or girlfriend. We’re really just looking for acceptance in everything we do and everywhere we go. Think about it, the first thing we doContinue reading “Women: Be your own kind of beautiful”