Writing Moments and Living them…

I’ve learned to create this turtle shell around me, a protection to keep the ambition flowing through my veins like caffeine from fresh morning coffee. A protection that allows my hands to write freely, and my mind to love my thoughts unconditionally. Writing comes naturally like the beating in my heart. It tells a storyContinue reading “Writing Moments and Living them…”

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Making your way back home

Today is another Monday and while I may have been caught in the rain, I’m feeling pretty hopeful. With graduation approaching in just one month, and Henry and I weighing options for where we want to move once our lease is up, it can all get very heavy on my shoulders. But then Henry restsContinue reading “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Making your way back home”

The First Vintage Bloom Novel

The Fourth Charm is a Chick-lit and Romance novel (Contemporary Women’s Fiction). The heartwarming and emotional story of a love that blooms one sultry Seattle summer, but is put on hold while a Marine serves his final tour. Emma Heartwood wants nothing more than for Gabriel Henderson to return home so they can start a life together, even thoughContinue reading “The First Vintage Bloom Novel”