Completely At Peace

Where the wind blows even softer and freely flows between my edges, completely at peace. Where my dimples diverge deeper into each cheek and the happiness bounces back from the snow white clouds, completely at peace. Where the white grows fonder around the iris and the color of life wisps across my plump flesh likeContinue reading “Completely At Peace”

A Vintage Bloom Reflection (Hummers, Blooms, and a Novel)

Hummingbirds are consistently rushing to my deck for the sweet nectar I put out for them. I recently planted some beautiful petunias to lay underneath the hummingbird feeder and it wasn’t long till they learned of my peaceful little garden on my deck. I love it here. Perfect for writing and reading a sweet novelContinue reading “A Vintage Bloom Reflection (Hummers, Blooms, and a Novel)”

Nothing a little wine can’t fix

As I unpacked my summer clothes and started up my laptop to work on my second novel, I stopped and thought to myself. This is going to be two weeks I will never forget. So, I closed my laptop and walked back down stairs to spend time with my dad instead of write. I found myself atContinue reading “Nothing a little wine can’t fix”